Did Diego see Lola’s signal live?

The third edition of ‘The island of temptations’ continues to reinvent itself and at the gala on February 18 it introduced a novelty in its mechanics to promote, or in this case, alleviate the conflicts between Villa Playa and Villa Montaña. Sandra Barneda informed the boys that one of them could see for 10 minutes what the girls were doing in direct direct, but something of what happened on screen caught the attention of viewers.

The boys chose Diego, since his relationship with Lola was at a more critical point. Thus, he could see what his girlfriend was doing, who, coincidentally, she cried with Lucia while she lamented how much she loved her partner and how badly he had done with Simone. However, viewers realized that the images offered to Diego, divided into four signals, seemed not to be live, since Marina and Isaac appeared in two of them.

However, according to sources from the production company, it was all due to an editing error by the program. Diego did see the images live, but at the time of editing the gala, what finally came on the air did not fit with what the participant saw. Be that as it may, this caused Diego to decide to stop his relationship with Carla, with whom he had begun to hook up when he saw Lola’s progress with Simone, giving a new twist to the plot of one of the most active couples on the reality show.

An unexpected end

This change of attitude in Lola and Diego was blown up at the end of the gala, when Lola had touching with Carlos while the two were in bed next to Lucia. Diego, who had been repentant, calling himself selfish, will have to see these images at the stake just after deciding, it seems, put the brakes on with Carla to try again with your partner.

On the other hand, the viewing of Diego not only brought consequences for him, but also for Raúl. The participant saw how Claudia and Tony were together in Villa Montañaeven if they weren’t doing anything. Diego’s comment to Raúl did nothing more than generate doubts in him about what his girlfriend was doing, so thanks to this game of ‘The island of temptations’, one of the most stable couples could break out.