Images of the ministerial meeting on April 22, 2020 were released on Friday, 22, by Minister Celso de Mello, and show emphatic demands from the President of the Republic regarding his ministers. The video is considered a key part of the investigation that investigates whether, as ex-Minister of Justice Sérgio Moro alleges, there was an attempt by the President to interfere politically in the Federal Police.

O Estadão invited jurists to analyze what Bolsonaro said at the meeting. Between threats, offenses and profanity, the images show the chief executive calling for changes in the government and putting pressure on Moro and the other auxiliaries on the grounds that he will not wait “to fuck my whole family”.

“But it’s the bitching all the time to hit me, messing with my family. I’ve tried to change people from our security in Rio de Janeiro, officially, and I didn’t succeed! dirty, or friends of mine, because I can’t change someone from security at the end of the line that belongs to our structure. Change it! If you can’t change it, change your boss! Can’t you change his boss? Change the minister! full stop! We are not here to joke “, said Bolsonaro.

President Jair Bolsonaro during the ministerial meeting on April 22

Photo: STF / Reproduction / Estadão

Vera Chemim, constitutional lawyer and master in administrative public law by FGV

“The recording demands a very careful investigation so that it can be asserted with absolute certainty on the sensitive issue of the presumed ‘political interference’ of the president in the different organs of the information service and the Federal Police. It becomes indispensable and extremely relevant from the point of view. political-institutional view (in the case of proof of a crime of responsibility) or criminal (in the event of committing a common criminal offense) that all means of evidence be investigated in order to be able to ratify those ‘statements’ of the president.

When reading the meeting, ‘reasonable doubts’ arose about the true direction of the expressions about the ‘need to obtain information’, for example, when criticizing the information service because it did not have enough access to detect people on the left who would be still working in the different ministries and who would need to know about this issue.

On the other hand, in another speech, the president makes allusions to the fact that a brother of his would have been attacked and in this context he adds that he would change all the positions necessary to give security to the family and friends who were being persecuted. This speech is the most evident and it really acquires the greatest potential to refer to the supposed interferences of a political nature, both in the Ministries, as well as in the organs of the information service, and in this case, in the Federal Police itself, which would characterize ‘deviation of purpose’ from the legal-administrative point of view, inevitably leading to a crime of responsibility.

However, it would be of fundamental importance that the different contexts in which their interventions are inserted could be correctly and safely interpreted by technicians from specialized agencies, such as the Federal Police itself. In this sense, the ongoing investigation in the STF will have to investigate the facts and anchor itself in other instruments that can prove in fact and in law the commitment to everything that indicates, of a crime of responsibility. In this way, the search and seizure of the President’s cell phone, constitutionally supported, would in fact constitute a means of capital proof for this issue. “

Conrado Gontijo, criminalist, doctor of criminal and economic law from USP

The video released by Minister Celso de Mello is perplexing, because it demonstrates that the occupiers of the highest positions in the Executive Branch of the Union are unaware of basic values ​​of democracy and use utterly foul language to express themselves on essential topics of interest to the nation.

In addition, there are clear manifestations of ignorance of the real meaning of democracy, including unacceptable attacks on the Federal Supreme Court. However, having read the report with the transcripts of the conversations, I did not identify so clearly that former Minister Sérgio Moro was pressured to change the command of the Federal Police, specifically to favor Bolsonaro’s family members in ongoing investigations.

The President does express desire to interfere in the work of various agencies and in obtaining information from the Federal Police, but it is not possible to assume that it has done so to undermine research work. My impression is that the meeting alone does not confirm Sérgio Moro’s accusations in the face of the President. “

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