Did Belinda know? Christian Nodal and Ángela Aguilar make a duet

Did Belinda know?  Christián Nodal and Angela Aguilar make a duet (Instagram)

Did Belinda know? Christián Nodal and Angela Aguilar make a duet | Instagram

For fans of Christian Nodal and Angela Aguilar The news of a new collaboration between the two would have been received with great joy, however, the doubts of netizens about the reaction that the singer Belinda would have had before the new project of her beau has greatly flooded social networks.

The first details that have been revealed about the new musical release detail that the new pair of singers interpret a romantic theme but within the Mexican regional genre.

“Tell me how you want”, is the name of the new song that just premiered video clip and so far it leads the trends on YouTube with the voices of Christian Nodal and the famous 17-year-old Ángela Aguilar, the story would address the drama of an unrequited love.

But beyond this recent premiere, the reactions of Internet users did not wait, it should be remembered that the Mexican interpreter and composer Christian nodal maintains a relationship with the artist of Spanish origin, Belinda Peregrín.

Since their courtship became known, this has been the target of various controversies, both met in the reality show “La Voz México” 2020 edition.

For this reason, after the new song was placed among the favorites of the platform, largely because of the voices that interpret it, but also because of the curiosity that the interpreter of “Adiós Amor” generates, appears together with a beautiful and young artist as is Angela Aguilar daughter of the famous singer Pepe Aguilar.

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Apparently, many of the users would not be so wrong to worry about the reaction of the pop music star, Belinda, since among the comments and opinions about the video clip they highlighted the “great chemistry” that both did.

“If I was scared” reveals Christian Nodal

It was also known that it was Christian Nodal himself who at one point plucked up the courage to find the Mexican singer, composer and businessman Pepe Aguilar and propose that he allow him to perform a duet with his daughter since she is a figure that “he admires a lot “As revealed by the native of Caborca, Sonora.

I am very grateful that Pepe Aguilar gave me permission to record with her. I have a lot of affection for her and I respect her very much. She is one of the greats of the genre ”, declared Nodal some time ago for the . agency.

During the video scenes, you can see the young singer wearing a beautiful red dress while Nodal did not leave aside her characteristic black hat.

But it was when the images of the video were shown that the comments about how good they both looked exploded, since they showed “great chemistry was noticeable.”

Can you imagine that they were boyfriends? ‘They make a better couple than with Belinda’, some comments pointed out

The subject was even the subject of memes that indicated the possible reactions that the interpreter of “Love at first sight”, Belinda, would have had, who they suggest could have exploded into “jealousy”.

Belinda listening to the song by Angela Aguilar and Christian Nodal with the image of a crying kitten saying the phrase “Duren”.

Belinda, listening to the song by Nodal feat Ángela Aguilar, pointed to one of the Twitters that contained the image of one of the characters in the film Where are the blondes? to whom Belinda’s face has been linked on various occasions.

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For her part, the actress, singer and former judge of the past editions of “La Voz México”, Belinda, has not commented on these comments, on the other hand, the couple continues to share various moments of their relationship through various posts on social media.