Did Azealia Banks Really Dig Up Her Cat To Eat It?

Whenever a celebrity’s name appears in Twitter trends it is a double-edged sword. We do not know if his fans are congratulating[email protected] or flat they walk[email protected] for something he did; However, sometimes we run into other kinds of situations that leave us with a square eye and that was just what happened with Azealia Banks, because apparently she showed how she ate her cat… Yes, as they read it.

We know that the 29-year-old rapper loves to create controversy. A few years ago he denounced actor Russell Crowe for assault and since then, se talks more about her for this kind of thing than for the songs or the hits she composes, but now he surprised locals and strangers when he shared with everyone a strange ritual in which his most beloved michi was involved and that of course, nobody understood what was happening.

Did Azealia Banks Really Dig Up Her Cat To Eat It? Did Azealia Banks Really Dig Up Her Cat To Eat It?

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Azealia Banks digs up her cat

It turns out that a few days ago and according to The Sun, Azealia Banks uploaded a video to his Instagram account in which we saw her unearthed with a friend Lucifer’s body, her kitten who sadly died last year. So far the thing was relatively calm –because they both laughed as they pulled the body out–, although suddenly everything had a very strange turn when He took out the bones and skull of the pussycat and put them in a pot.

This pot had a mixture of murky brown stuff and in it, Banks was boiling the remains of the michi and many thought that a soup was actually being prepared with all that. Of course after displaying this bizarre ritual, the rapper deleted the video but it was too lateWell, someone saved it and published it on social networks, generating a huge conversation about it and leaving everyone with a square eye.

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Did he really eat Lucifer?

Since then, fans and not so much believed that Azealia Banks had eaten her cat. However, the singer has already spoken about it and made it very clear what he did with Lucifer’s body. In his Instagram stories, he showed the kitten’s skull next to various objects like a crucifix, dollar bills, a cigar, a bottle of champagne, and a half-used bottle of perfume, as if to say that actually it was a kind of offering to him.

But later and offended, Azealia responded to criticism of her strange actions, calling everyone “racist.”. According to what she commented, all she wanted was preserve the remains of the michi and then bathe them in goldHe also explained that eThis procedure is very common for those who go hunting and they want the bodies of the animals to be in the best possible condition.

Did Azealia Banks Really Dig Up Her Cat To Eat It? Did Azealia Banks Really Dig Up Her Cat To Eat It?

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“Why do you think I would eat a dead cat when I can barely eat a dead cow. It’s called taxidermy. Many hunters with preserved deer heads hanging on their wall do. Dear … You are being racist. The cat’s head is soaked in peroxide to clean it thoroughly, then I’ll take it to a jewelry store to have it bathed in gold. Lucifer was an icon. It deserves to be preserved ”, said the rapper.

In the end and as you can see, Azealia Banks didn’t eat her cat or anything like that, what she did was to give her pet a better life. Be that as it may and although almost no one has knowledge on the subject, we cannot deny that his video and seeing how the bones and skull of his micho boiled was sooo strange, right?

Azealia Banks denounces Russell CroweAzealia Banks denounces Russell Crowe

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