Did Aleida Núñez reject Luis Miguel for Juan Ferrara?

Did Aleida Núñez reject Luis Miguel for Juan Ferrara? | Instagram

Something unimaginable for many of the fans of the interpreter, is to know what the actress Aleida Nunez He recently revealed by confessing that a few years ago he rejected an invitation from Luis Miguel because at that time he had an affair with Juan Ferrara.

During his meeting with the press, Aleida Nunez certified that she is on the select list of famous people who have refused an invitation from the so-called “Sun of Mexico.

I have always been, when I have a boyfriend I am like very, more than discreet, also as I am, I like to be there, if I am with that person, and at that time I remember a few years ago I had my partner,

The “Mexican actress“her chance to meet the” divo de México “at a meeting to which she would have been invited.

And he did speak to me on one occasion, an acquaintance told me ‘hey, Luis Miguel will be there, there will be several friends, but we are inviting you because I want you to be’, and the truth is that at that time I had a boyfriend then I couldn’t go, “said the actress.

The truth is I did not expose myself, because always when you go to a meeting like that with few people, you expose yourself to finally allowing them to say ‘well, it was there’, and you know people always invent gossip, “he added the 40-year-old artist.

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Subsequently, the collaborator of various programs and novels on television, Aleida Núñez was full of compliments for the 77-year-old actor.

I was with Juan Ferrara, it was a long time ago, also imagine, how to go to a meeting! And also to be unfaithful to a man like him who was always so beautiful with me and such a gentleman, and so loyal, so noble, well the truth is that he was not going to do it “.

Finally, Aleida Araceli Núñez Flores, confessed that, if she had been single, she would not have resisted the charms of Luis Miguel.

Look, if I hadn’t had a partner at that time, of course I’d go, I mean, I love it, I think all my life has been beautiful.

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The interpreter of “Tomorrow is Forever”, “The Most Beautiful Ugly One” among others, assures that she does not regret her decision.

I do not regret it because at that moment I was in love, but if I had not been if I had gone because surely I do not know if it had happened, kisses or something else.

Apparently, although many women have not been able to resist the Puerto Rican, apparently some women have leaned towards other options they have on the road, Araceli Núñez Flores and Lucía Méndez were some of them.

It should be remembered that the one considered one of the most beautiful faces on the small screen, had a fleeting relationship with “Luismi” until she decided that she would change him for a famous producer, revealed Lucía Méndez herself.

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Why throne with him?

Méndez surpassed the “Sol de México” by several years and even with that he describes “he was someone very mature for his age, however, he felt remorse for the little more than 10 years of difference between them,” he revealed to the host Yordi Rosado, who ended up unveiling “The Secrets of a Diva”.

According to a past interview, the 65-year-old actress met Luis Miguel in the 1980s, she was 30 years old and he, according to her account, “told her he was 20.” He was actually younger, yet he had already experienced a lot at his age, he noted.

He was no longer a naive 17-year-old boy. He was very intelligent, very mature for his 17 years and I think he started living very early. We kind of hit it off because he was so smart, we got along really well and we had a lot of fun.

Even the histrionic shared several anecdotes that they lived together and there is even talk of a close coexistence of Lucía with Luis Miguel and his family, would reveal the actress Abril Campillo, who was a couple of Luis Rey and Luis Miguel.

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As for the memories that she keeps after the moments lived with the music star, the famous one hinted, “They are kisses that I can save.” On whether she fell in love with him, Méndez confessed that “no.”

I did not fall in love with him so much because I always considered that it was not correct, I always had that judgment of saying ‘It’s not right’ and that was what got me forward. And I met Pedro (Torres) and left Micky, he added.