Nothing is ever taken for granted in Koh-Lanta. Diane, adventurer eliminated Friday September 11, 2020 from the 4 Terres, understood it well. As she went to the council serene, she finally had to quit the game! For, the pretty Béarnaise looks back on her career with the Oranges de l’Ouest, thus evoking her tensions with Estelle. But that’s not all: the pretty Diane also opens up about her relationship with the athlete Thibault Daubagna or the death of her comrade Bertrand-Kamal who succumbed to cancer.

When Estelle takes out her necklace, your fate is already sealed … What did you think at that moment?
I did not think at all that his vote would be directed against me. In all seriousness, I thought she would vote either for Marie-France or for Jody. From the moment she took out her necklace, I was stunned. And I was like, “Shit!” Whether it was Jody or me, it was the same, we are the same. I remained unmoved, it was emptiness in my head.

What goes on in your head when you realize that you are being eliminated?
What must be said is that the adventure is difficult: we are hungry, it is cold, the council takes place at night. And we used to go to bed at chicken time, so we add fatigue. So my elimination, I took it head-on. I was KO standing, and it is only when Denis Brogniart extinguishes my torch that I understand that it is over for me. I see everyone cry, and I collapse too. I had very harsh words then, they are words that come from the heart, from someone who is sorry for what is happening. I was torn from my family, I couldn’t predict or say goodbye to them. And what has been difficult for me is that it is only one person who chooses, it is not easy when you get along well with everyone. My words to Estelle were harsh. Today I might not use the same ones because I had my snack (laughs).

Estelle was not up to the task

You say you are tempted to dig into Estelle’s bag … Looking back, what do you think of this gesture?
Even though I asked myself the question, it is something that is not part of my principles and my values. This is not what I was taught. I don’t regret not having rummaged in his bag. Because if it had to be done again, I wouldn’t have done it. On the other hand, in my head, I made 50 scenarios. Things could have gone differently, I could have saved my place differently. But with ifs, we are remaking the world, and I am remaking the adventure to my advantage (laughs).

Do you understand that Estelle wanted to eliminate you?
At the time, she had not told us that she wanted to break the core of young people. I learned this by watching the episode. I was shocked to see that, I didn’t think she was so keen to dissolve a band that had still brought her great trials until now. We were also still resourceful in the camp. I did not understand.

She says you had harsh words with her … What do you think?
And then in relation to the words that were perhaps too harsh, I was trying above all to have a role of mediator between the group and her. In the end, it caused me default since I am eliminated. Maybe communication was difficult, the words I used weren’t heard the way I wanted them to be, maybe I didn’t put them the right way. But by no means was it to make her feel bad or to put her down, it doesn’t look like me.

What do you blame him for?
What I blame him for the game was to get out of the way. He is someone who is naturally lonely. We are a very close-knit group, we play it very collective. This is what makes our union from the start. Estelle, we feel that the community is not really her thing, it was difficult to integrate it. Maybe also not to communicate, to only talk about his past record. We are looking at the moment T, it was not up to the level on the camp and the tests. But I don’t blame him for his performance in the events, because we all have difficulties. For me, it’s easy to talk, because I shoot the black ball. Today, things are calm, we see that there is much more serious.

I was shocked by the death of Bertrand-Kamal

What was the hardest part for you at camp?
The cold in the evening was terrible. Despite the cabin, there was a really very very cold wind. I couldn’t tell the degrees since we didn’t have a thermometer, but it was hard. And with the association of fatigue and hunger, we felt the cold all the more. We were frozen, it’s not easy to sleep frozen.

What was your first gesture on your return?
First, at the airport, I got a McDonald’s! I had to console my heart. And then when I got home, my boyfriend came to get me. I jumped into his arms, it was tears of joy to find him, to give him a big hug.

Your companion Thibault Daubagna is a rugby player. How did he help you before Koh-Lanta?
I already did a lot of sports in addition to horse riding. I have my cross-fit lessons, I went to the gym. And then the poor thing, he has already substantial weekly training sessions so that he can also come and coach me (laughs). However, he played a role in my mental preparation. It is very teamwork, rugby is a team sport. He brought me this more serene side, even a mediator.

Did this adventure change anything in your relationship?
We love each other more than before! It could have changed if he had proposed to me, but he didn’t! Maybe I would have had to win for him to do it (laughs). I await the request!

Finally, we learned the sad news of Bertrand-Kamal’s death …
I was very surprised and shocked. I was aware of his illness. I did not know him much in the adventure. But on Koh-Lanta, there are bonds that are created that are unwavering. We are no longer adventurers, we are no longer friends, we are in a separate hut: we are a family, a big family. We are all in mourning today. It is a painful ordeal, all the more for his family, his father, his mother to whom he was very close, his brother and his sister. I would really like to send them all my support, all my tenderness at this unfair and difficult time in life. We must not forget that Koh-Lanta is a game, reality catches up with us.

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