A dramatic turn on TF1! On Friday September 11, 2020, Diane abruptly leaves the adventure of “Koh-Lanta the 4 lands”. The young woman returned to her elimination during an interview with our colleagues here.

It is a hard blow for the team of the West of Koh-Lanta: the 4 Lands. After losing François last week, the Orange tribe had to eliminate one of its members this Friday, September 11, 2020 on TF1. And to everyone’s surprise, candidate Diane left the adventure. Indeed, Estelle, who was in the hot seat, her immunity collar which she secretly kept until the council. According to Diane, Estelle played her necklace badly:

It is a very bad strategy to have a collar but not to tell anyone about it. Why ? Because she wins a battle at that moment (…) except that the problem is that by eliminating a single person without having warned the others, she betrays everyone.

Diane’s call for revenge …

Following her premature departure, Diane gave a speech violently criticized by Internet users. Indeed, Diane called on the other candidates to avenge her for the strategy implemented by Estelle, the oldest of the team. In tears and disappointed, Diane asked her teammates to “blow up” Estelle as soon as possible.

… Violently criticized by internet users

On Twitter, Internet users judged the attitude of the young woman unfair or even cheeky. Many of them recalled that the young woman had previously disrespected her elder and that she even wanted to dig into her things. According to them “karma” has simply done its job. We leave it to you to appreciate our selection of tweets below:

Diane does her mea culpa, “it’s still a game”

Diane went back to her revenge speech and explained that this feeling was “nasty” and that her words had passed her mind as she was in shock:

I don’t have a particular bond with Estelle, we’re not particularly friends. We don’t have affinities, but I don’t call for hatred. It’s still a game.

A poignant tribute to Bertrand-Kamal

Candidate for the Eastern team, Betrand-Kamal died on Wednesday September 9, 2020 at the age of 30. A shocking news that greatly moved Denis Brogniart. Indeed, the presenter paid him a nice tribute at the beginning of the show as well as on his Instagram account.

After the episode, a montage was also dedicated to him. What moved the web a lot, which did not fail to share its emotion on Twitter: