Diana Pérez, dubbing actress who voiced Jessie from Pokémon, dies – El Sol de México

The dubbing world is in mourning and it is that this Tuesday the unfortunate death of the actress and dubbing director, Diana Pérez, best known for giving voice to Jessie, a member of the Rocket team in Pokémon, was announced.

Through a statement, Doblaje Mexicano confirmed the news recalling the work and trajectory, which began in November 1994, of whom he also lent his voice to play Bonnie’s mother in Toy Story.

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“It is with deep grief that we report that actress and dubbing director Diana Pérez has passed away. The eternal voice of Jessy from Team Rocket. Rest in peace.”

Diana, who was born on January 26, 1970, voiced more characters like Kagura from Inuyasha; Hilda Spellman in Sabrina, the teenage witch; Frida Suárez in El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera; among others.

Until now, the cause of the dubbing actress’s death is unknown, but what is certain is the great legacy she leaves behind.

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With famous phrases from Jessie, a character for whom she has been known since 1997, friends, acquaintances and followers of Diana, said goodbye to her on social networks.

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