Diana of Wales and Charles of England relive the moment of the wedding of the century | AP

39 years have passed since one of the most important weddings of the time was celebrated, after Queen Elizabeth, in 1947, several more years, his first-born Charles of England married to Diana of Wales.

The majestic link paralyzed everything UK 4 decades ago, and although the announcement of your wedding was made in a very hasty way, it was still a great event.

The link that captured the eyes of the whole world, was made in the cathedral of Saint Paul in London, and it continues to be one of the most remembered weddings in history.

Diana of Wales wedding family photo. AP

On a day like today but nineteen eighty oneThe streets were full of British citizens who crowded the main avenues where the carriage that carried their new queen would pass.

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So much euphoria that they even assure, many slept in the closest places where the bride and groom’s carriage would pass, and some even slept in the Street, the night before the event.

As Hello details, « 4,000 police and 2,200 military officers were necessary to control the overflowing enthusiasm of the motley crowd as the royal procession passed through the palatial square, the Paseo de Mall, the Plaza de Trafalgar, Flett Street and the plaza de la Cathedral ».

Diana and Carlos at the end of the wedding. AP

Diana, a shy, discreet and very pretty girl became in an instant, one of the most besieged women by the press and most admired by all the followers of the royalty British.

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The link was also broadcast on television, managing to grab an audience of 750 Millions of people in 74 countries around the world tuned in to their televisions to watch the new Princess of Wales, Diana, walk towards the altar, where the future king of 32 years, Carlos from England.

So Diana came from Clarence house to the cathedral in a glass float, which was made in 1910 and was acquired by King George V for his coronation.

Diana and Carlos on their way out of the palace towards the chapel. .

She was escorted by five mounted military police officers, the dress The princess’s size was too large, so it was too small to be transferred to her and her father.

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Diana’s dress, hallmark of new fashion

The wedding of Lady Diana with Charles of England not only marked a historical event, but also marked a great trend in fashion, since then the princess Diana of Wales She was a fashion icon, and a great inspiration for other weddings whether or not they were royalty, all looking to look like her.

Diana of Wales dress. .

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The outfit of « Lady Di« consisted of an impressive dress designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, which included ten thousand embroidered pearls and a tail 25 feet (7.62 meters) long.

She crowned her bridal look with the family-owned tiara Spencer, an ancient floral headband that Sarah Spencer would have gifted to Cynthia, the Viscountess of Althorp (Diana’s paternal grandmother), as a wedding gift in 1919.

Diana and Charles wedding in the Chapel of Saint Paul in London .

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White and radiant, that’s how she looked Diana Spencer to meet her future husband.

Diana and Carlos during the ceremony. AP