Vadhir Derbez: Diana Larume reveals that she ended her relationship due to toxic | Reform

Amazing! Vadhir Derbez’s ex-partner made some strong statements where he points out that his last relationship ended because he felt suffocated, apparently it was a complicated relationship and he was a person toxic.

It should be noted that the influencer did not want to give details about who he was talking about, but according to his followers it was more than obvious who spoke of the son of Eugenio Derbez.

In days past, Vadhir performed a live on his official account of Instagram where he talked about his relationship, assuring that the girl he was dating for a few months had been unfaithful.

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A lot of people would say ‘how does that happen to you and I don’t know what?’ Of course, you have to value what you have. Obviously I already wanted to leave the house, I came to walk for the same, « said the actor.

That is why as a result of his statements, his followers began to suspect who spoke of Diana Larume, so she did not hesitate to answer the doubts that people had.

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It was yesterday that Diana through her official account of Instagram revealed several things that no one knew through a live broadcast.

She revealed that she had to end the relationship because she felt suffocated, since unfortunately she had a complicated relationship and toxic.

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The beautiful girl declined to give details of who he was the person he was referring to, but it was more than obvious that it was his according to the dates.

There is no father who speaks negatively of you in public to harm you just because you no longer want to be with that person, « said Diana.

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In addition, in the live ensures that has no relationship more than friendship with Naim Darrechi, who was also on the recording, because now he is focused only on his personal projects.