On Saturday July 25, 2020, Diam’s celebrated its 40th anniversary. She will therefore have spent as much time in the recording industry as outside. Indeed, it has been several years now that the rapper hung up the microphone to devote to new projects. In addition, after converting to Islam, she now lives in Saudi Arabia with her husband and two children. If she has talked about her again with the release of her books or the launch of her religious business, however, difficult to know more about her new daily life as she remains discreet about her private life.

Fortunately for those who have never forgotten her, some of her friends sometimes speak up to evoke her, such as Melha Bedia this Tuesday July 28, 2020. Guest of the Culture Médias program on Europe 1, the actress and sister of Ramzy Bedia was asked about Melanie Georgiades, her real name, by journalist Pascale Clark, who believes that the former superstar is “missing”. Melha Bedia then hastened to reassure everyone: “She is doing very well. Missing? On the stage, it’s true. But no, she is very well, she is on the networks. She continues to write and she released two books which are also great. She does a lot of other things, she is a happy, fulfilled mother. I speak with her, she is very, very well. “

A chance encounter

Launched on the subject, the actress on the poster of the film Forte returned to her early friendship with Diam’s, which had pushed her to do her first steps on stage when she was only 16 years old. “I meet her on a Sunday because she often came to eat couscous with my grandmother. She adored my grandmother. There are merguez missing and she said to me ‘come on, we will buy some merguez.’ I walk with her and she says to me ‘you had the BAC with distinction, you are 16 years old, what are you going to do?’ I had to be enrolled in college (…) And she tell me ‘no, take a year off and come with me on tour. You like clothes, you will do the styling. “It was then that Melha Bedia finally found herself traveling the roads of France for two and a half years.

Pushed to improvise by her new mentor, she discovered a passion for stand-up. “When I go, I’m supposed to iron the backing vocals and Diam’s T-shirts and give her a lighter and a flask of water between takes. Except that, on the first date, she told me ‘you’re going to do the first parts too’. (…) She had an idea in mind, I think. She knew. I explain that I am here to furnish, that I am the stylist of Diam’s, that I am not well paid, I try to make small valves like that. “A first major support!