Diakhaby, Cala and a dangerous precedent

The slogans of ‘no to racism’ sound very picturesque, the empty words or statements for the postureBut the truth is that there is no process created to deal with situations like the one that occurred in Ramón de Carranza. Cala’s insult is unprovable for the moment, but it is indisputable that a player like Diakhaby felt vexed by what he understood as a racist insultHe was filled with indignation first, impotence later, his eyes clouded over and he decided to leave the field of play, with the complicity of his teammates. The Valencian central no longer returned. His companions, yes. The principles seemed good until they collided with sporting interests.

Putting Juan Cala’s presumption of innocence first, the great debate has to do with the referee’s performance and his veiled recommendation to Valencia with the loss of points if he did not return to the field. The facts, if true, are extremely serious and, nevertheless, there is not a single mechanism foreseen for cases of this type, which are reasons for permanent posturing in marketing campaigns, but not to exemplify from the facts, which will always have more force than words.

In the same weekend we have seen shameful performances from a small group of fans, both Athletic and Real, who have taken advantage of the football party to demonstrate their irresponsibility in the middle of the pandemic. Now, an alleged racist episode that will go around the world, due to the lack of forcefulness. Soccer, which is wonderful for so many things, can sometimes be a reflection of our worst version as human beings.