Diablo IV will offer an attractive PvP mode and a complete open world

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Yesterday we saw Rogue in action, the kind of character who will be back in Diablo IV. Blizzard knows that fans are excited for the new installment, so they also shared information about the multiplayer and open world of the game.

Thanks to this we know that Diablo IV was intended as an experience that seeks to satisfy most of the players, whether they want to have a solo experience or test their skills against other warriors.

The game will offer an attractive PvP mode, where players will compete to be the best. If this component does not appeal to you, you will be happy to know that it will be totally optional during your adventure.

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This is how Diablo IV’s PvP mode works

Blizzard explained that player vs. player battles in Diablo IV will take place in a specially designed location: Plains of Hatred. There will be areas of this type spread throughout the open world of the game.

Players who enter Plains of Hatred will be able to attack each other and at the same time face powerful enemies controlled by artificial intelligence. Collect items that can be exchanged for valuable equipment.

In particular, players will find fragments of hatred that must be purified in a special area. For this, it will be necessary to survive the attack of various waves of enemies of different power.

However, the task will not necessarily be easy, as other players will also be able to intervene in these fights. Blizzard will reveal more details on this game mode in the coming months.

Diablo IV will have an open world with locations to conquer

Diablo IV promises to deliver a large open world that will remain dynamic thanks to various public events. Players will find various places of interest, such as Fortresses, enemy locations that can be raided.

Once one of them is taken over, it can become a safe region. Due to the size of the world, Blizzard will incorporate various types of mounts that will allow faster travel. However, they will not play a very active role during combat.

Unique attacks can be executed when getting off the mount, but the creature itself will not be able to participate in any way in fights. On the other hand, there will be a system to customize the mounts with various cosmetic items.

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Diablo IV is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Find all the news related to the new delivery in this link.