Diablo IV will balance the interaction between players

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It may be that the success and rise of MMOs or MOBAs has made the interaction between players the norm, but when it comes to Diablo it is prices to consider that it is before a different monster and part of its essence is to reflect loneliness in a world devastated and controlled by the worst creatures imaginable. As for Diablo IV, its open world proposal, the online component and the interaction with other players is already a topic and the project director spoke about it.

Diablo IV: a balanced proposal for interaction with other players

During an interview with Eurogamer, Luis Barriga, director of Diablo IV, was asked about the experience that players may have when they find themselves in the game world and how often this will happen. In this sense, the creative pointed out that the objective is that these encounters are scarce and seem like a fortuitous event, moving away from what could be in an MMO, although without denying their influence: “we have taken some of those ideas and applied them in on a very different scale. We think Diablo IV has this post-apocalyptic, almost human vision of a struggle to survive and it doesn’t feel very good when there are more players than NPCs in a field where you’re fighting demons. Much less where you could choose between 10 adventurers or 20 adventurers to help with a problem I have. “

According to Luis Barriga, this decision is also due to the need to reflect loneliness in the player’s experience, so interaction with other users will be brief and scarce: “it is very important for us that players are there to remind you that you are alone and only when you enter the dungeons. So on your way to the dungeon, you might see 1 or 2 people who actually add something to the game because you need to ask them where they got the trophy, or if they can point you in the right direction because they’ve clearly completed the same mission. So having those glimpses of seeing other players, instead of going to a place where there’s always a lot of it, it feels really good to us. “

Diablo IV is still in development for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In this link you will find all the news related to this new delivery.

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