Diablo Immortal’s central city was made to create a large population like PC MMOs

Westmarch is a place to bring players together and make the game feel alive and realistic.

At BlizzCon 2021 this weekend there was room for all the games from Blizzard And there could not be a gap either for Diablo Immortal, the video game of the saga that will come to Android and iOS in the future. There is a lot of curiosity around the game and, although there has been no great news about it in the BlizzConline, yes we have had some interesting statements.

Blizzard wanted to make Diablo 3 a city that players actually lived inIn the part dedicated to the mobile video game, the main designer Wyatt cheng and the chief producer Caleb Arseneaux They have talked more about the video game. To begin with, they have commented on why they created the city of Westmarch. The development team wanted to make a place that felt alive and bring the players together, to create a community that looks real.

The idea behind Westmarch was to create the feeling of a Populated city as it happens in PC MMOs, as for example in World of Warcraft itself in some of its places. The team is very happy to have made it happen, because in Diablo 3 they wanted to introduce a city in which would the players really live and they could interact, but in the end it couldn’t be.

Diablo 3’s Paragon System Returns

In Diablo III, Blizzard introduced the Paragon system, more levels that the player could get, to gain more strength and customize the characters in a certain way. The system has been remade for Diablo Immortal and although it is inspired by the original, adjustments have been made to make it better and last over the years, even adding more skill trees.

This decision has been made so that the player continue to have a sense of progression when loot is no longer relevant to players. There is a lot of curiosity in the community to try the game, something that in 3D Games We were able to do it at the end of 2020. You can read our impressions if you want to know what you can expect from this free to play Diablo for mobile phones.

Blizzard prepares several mobile games

Immortal Devil

The appearance of Diablo Immortal raised a lot of controversy among the Diablo community, because at first it was not seen with very good eyes play the saga on mobiles. But beyond taste, it is something that Blizzard fans seem to have to assume, because recently we told you that Activision Blizzard has several mobile games from the Warcraft universe in development.

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