DIA stops its collapse in the stock market after three sessions in auger

Madrid, May 4 (EFE) .- The shares of the DIA group stopped their collapse in the stock market early in the session after three consecutive days in the red and recorded a rise of 6.3%, until they traded around the 8 cents.

The shares of the supermarket chain depreciated more than 35% in the last three days after announcing an issue of more than 51,000 million new shares, at an amount each of two cents (one cent of nominal value and another of cousin).

Analysts link the fall in the stock market with this operation, aimed at executing a capital increase of 1,028 million euros.

In the last extension, in 2019, the price set for each new title was significantly higher: 10 cents.

While waiting for its quarterly results -expected for May-, the supermarket chain has already advanced that in the first quarter it registered a fall in its turnover of 7.3%, to 1,571.6 million euros, after proceeding from December to closure of 69 supermarkets.

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