Di Meco lights up Eyraud

Signatory of the platform published in support of supporters of Olympique de Marseille, Eric Di Meco also violently attacked Jacques-Henri Eyraud.

Eric Di Méco is hurting his OM, where he played for 14 years seasons (1980-94), becoming a symbol of the club of the Tapie years. The former right-back was distressed by the level of play displayed by the troops of André Villas-Boas during the Champions League and the one who officiates successfully is equally dismayed by the management of the club by Jacques-Henri Eyraud. Unsurprisingly, the native of Avignon therefore signed the column published in La Provence in support of the supporters and was once again very severe with the Olympian president in an interview with the regional daily.

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“I wondered whether he liked Marseille, Marseillais, OM, the supporters, his players, because from what I know, it’s also hot behind the scenes, he said. notably entrusted. In my opinion, with the last episode with La Commanderie and what results behind it, the formal notice of groups of supporters, I find it dangerous. I’m afraid he jumped at the opportunity of the overflow at the training center, condemned by the support groups, to accomplish a task he had in mind for a while. “

President Eyraud does not like us

Eric Di Meco therefore calls on Frank McCourt, the owner of the club, so that failing to change president, clarify the situation. “What questions me most ultimately, as only being an employee of the shareholder, is not to hear (Frank) McCourt. There has been fire since the end of the Champions League campaign. He must feel that he has to step up to the plate. He must feel that his president is losing track, he said. He has to come, do something, say what he wants to do with the club. If he maintains his confidence in Jacques-Henri Eyraud, let him say it loud and clear. I want to hear it from this man, and not just through statements that may not even be made by him. I want him to say: “Yes Jacques-Henri Eyraud is my president and he will remain so”. We need it.”

Eric Di Méco would obviously favor a departure of the one he considers a former supporter of PSG. “I remain convinced that President Eyraud does not like us,” he also added, considering that he was “almost in a sabotage operation”. “I do not see how Eyraud can remain at the head of OM,” he said, calling the shareholder one last time: “He must speak to us!”

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