Di Lorenzo’s agent talks about Atlético’s interest in the player

Atlético de Madrid is working in anticipation of some possible scenarios. One of them is that the exit of Kieran trippier to the Manchester United, a hypothesis that does not like in the offices of the Metropolitan but that it would be foolish to ignore.

In this sense, the position of the Athletic is clear. There is no interest in getting rid of it, but if that amount of 50 million euros that marks its clause arrives, little could be done. In order to Simeone It is essential but the club is also aware that for the English, to return to their country and to do so in a historic place is a great attraction.

In such a way that the sports management already works in several directions. One of them, the one I like the most, is that of the Italian international Giovanni di lorenzo. The player of the Naples has long been on the agenda of the sports management of the Athletic. Andrea
Bertha knows him perfectly and his great performance in the Eurocup It has done nothing more than ratify those feelings.

However, we are talking about a very complicated operation. He is very identified with the celestial club, he has a contract until 2026 … and we are talking about a Naples that has already been an insurmountable wall for him Athletic at other times as happened with Fabían, Milik, etc.

Aurelio Di Laurentiis He has already made it clear that all the players of the team are in the market, but from there to that the operations are simple half a world. On ItalyStill, they don’t even put a price on the Italian side’s exit because obviously it wouldn’t be cheap.


In the midst of this situation, the player’s agent has spoken of Atlético’s interest in Di Lorenzo to clarify two things. One, that the rojiblanco team likes a lot. Two, there is nothing at the moment. Obviously, until the matter of Trippier do not decide for better or for worse, the rojiblanco club would not make a decision and would start talking.

“To the Atlético de Madrid he has always liked Lawrence , I also talked about him in the past with Bertha, current sports director of the Spanish club. At the moment, however, there are no advanced negotiations. He will rejoin the group of Luciano Spalletti between the end of July and August 1 ”, he pointed out Mario Giuffredi , End Agent Napoli Giovanni Di Lorenzo in the microphones of Radio Mars .

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