DFSK Seres 3: From China “with love” comes a new electric C-SUV

Little by little, very calmly, the “dreaded” Chinese models are arriving in Europe. It has not been as we thought, but his determined bet is paying off. One of the fastest growing manufacturers in recent years is DFSK. This Asian manufacturer has studied the tastes of European customers and it seems to be getting it right. Especially since it is launching models adapted to our demands on the market.

Right now, the DFSK range for Spain It is made up of three models: 580, F5 Y Beings 3. This is the latest novelty, and the most interesting for nature lovers as it is powered by a electric powertrain. In addition, it also boasts SUV body, so it seems to offer it all. All at a takedown price, so you shouldn’t have much trouble succeeding, should you? We tell you its strengths and weaknesses.

The DFSK Seres 3 yields 163 hp of power and has a 53.6 kWh battery

Input, the aesthetics of the DFSK Seres 3 is very similar to that of the 580. His lines are simple and harmonious, without strong lines that condition his body. Not surprisingly, there is a small difference with his older brother. We can see it behind, as it presents a steeper roof descending line as well as more angular optics. As it hits, the lower bumper reminds that of the current Kia Sportage.

If we go to the passenger compartment, things change a lot. The DFSK Seres 3 is committed to careful materials and state-of-the-art technology. We can appreciate this evolution in the lines that shape the dashboard and the attention to detail in the adjustments. It is enough to highlight the central 10.25-inch touch screen, the browser with LinOS 4.0 system or the configurable digital cockpit divided into three screens.

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All in all, the important thing about the DFSK Seres 3 is its electric powertrain with 120 kW (163.2 hp) It is powered by a lithium-ferrophosphate (LiFePO4) battery with a capacity of 53.6 kWh. According to estimates of the brand, it offers a autonomy of 329 kilometers according to the WLTP protocol. As for charging, you can do it in alternating or direct current, with fast charging, which allows you to recover up to 80 percent of the battery in 30 minutes.

At the moment the DFSK Seres 3 is marketed in Spain in a single finish. Is named Advanced and among the endowment, the panoramic ceiling, leather upholstery, electric heated front seats, hands-free key entry and ignition, wireless charger, two USB ports and 18-inch aluminum wheels. Its price? Well, with all the aid discounted (Moves III included) it starts at € 25,495.

How about? Would you buy it …

Source – DFSK

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