Dexter Lumis will fight for the WWE NXT North American Championship in a ladder match at the upcoming NXT Takeover.

In the last program of WWE NXT we were able to witness a triple threat combat where they faced each other Dexter Lumis, Finn Bálor and Timothy Thatcher to gain an opportunity to fight for the North American title. This opportunity would take place in the next NXT Takeover, which would be based on a ladder match between five superstars of WWE NXT. One of them is Bronson Reed, who we saw how last week won his chance and during this week, Dexter Lumis achieved his.

How was the fight?

The bell rings and combat begins. Timothy and Finn start with a struggle and Bálor quickly attacks him with a dropkick. Dexter Lumis remains in a quiet corner until the moment he decides to hit both opponents with right hands to send them out of the ring. Lumis launches with a Senton Bomb and falls clean. Despite not hitting anyone, Lumis punishes his rivals with several right hands. Thatcher manages to surprise Lumis and manages to corner him in a corner and then proceeds to apply a Belly To Belly Suplex. Timothy takes Dexter’s arm and applies a Wrist Lock.

We return from commercials and we see Thatcher dominating the fight trying to make Bálor surrender but he does not succeed. Bodyslam for Bálor by Thatcher and then prevents Dexter from entering the ring. Finn fights back with several right hands, Lumis intervenes with more punches and applies a clothesline followed by a bulldog against Timothy. Finn’s pele kick for Lumis and this is placed on the corner. Finn’s Sling Blade for Lumis but Timothy later interrupts him and attacks Finn’s leg. Dexter steps in and applies a Spinebuster to Timothy. Lumis believes she can catch Timothy in an Anaconda Vise but fails. Timothy attacks Lumis, but Dexter surprises him and applies an Anaconda Vise to him. Finn appears and applies a Coup De Grace on the padlock. From one moment to the next, Timothy catches Finn and applies an Ankle Lock to him, but at the same time Dexter catches Timothy and makes him surrender with an Anaconda Vise. Dexter Lumis achieves victory via surrender.

RESULT: Dexter Lumis defeats Finn Bálor and Timothy Thathcer in WWE NXT to get a shot at the North American title at NXT Takeover.

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