At this point, some of those games that at first were going to drop by the Wii U eShop and still … were left in that nebula of uncertainty, since they reached the corresponding goal of crowdfunding that in a way forced it to its developer. However, in many cases what has happened is that it has chosen to adapt the game to its successor, Nintendo Switch, and that has been the case with Dex, the first work of the independent developer Dreadlocks Ltd, which after a long lapse of uncertainty, finally has a definitive date in the hybrid console eShop. This title is a gender combination Action RPG and Stealth in Lateral Advance, which leads us to a dystopian cyberpunk-style future, in which we accompany a young woman with powers in her fight against an oppressive system. The scheduled date for the release of this title is July 24, In a few weeks, and to celebrate that relative proximity, nothing better than a presentation trailer:

Play as the mysterious blue-haired girl named Dex who is being hunted by a powerful and enigmatic organization for her unique abilities. Explore the hazy, futuristic streets of Harbor Prime in this open-world dystopia. Dig up plots and intrigues, forge alliances, and fight your enemies on your quest to wipe out the system!

The world of Dex is designed as a tribute to some of the best neo-noir and cyberpunk worlds with a mature storyline, murky atmosphere, and distinct characters. The game is a throwback to classic 2D action and platform games, but mixed with deep RPG elements, interactive dialogues, and real-time combat.

Customize your character’s skills and equipment to match your desired playstyle: kill from the shadows like a silent assassin, fight power like a gunslinger, use persuasion like a cunning diplomat, or fight from a distance in the cyberspace like a hacker. Blur the line between human and cyborg by installing augmentations that give you superhuman abilities and blaze new trails in Harbor Prime like the classic Metroidvania titles.


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– Deep RPG mechanics mixed with 2D side-scrolling action
– Non-linear game set in an open cyberpunk world
– Intriguing and mature plot in a neo-noir environment
– Multiple dialog options with branching results
– Full voice in English
– Multiple game styles: stealth, open combat, diplomatic, hacker or a combination of the above
– Various customization options: choose your equipment, skills and even cyber implant skills to break new ground in the city
– Unique hacking mechanics that allow you to dive into cyberspace