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As part of the Summer Game Fest, Devolver Digital held the first edition of Devolver Direct. It was a digital conference with all the irreverence, humor and satire of the independent game dealer.

Was it all a joke? The answer is negative. In addition to making a mockery of many industry practices and getting us several smiles, Devolver Digital also shared gameplay previews and news that are on the way to different platforms.

First gameplay of Shadow Warrior 3

To launch Devolver Direct, Devolver Digital showed us Shadow Warrior 3 gameplay. As you know, this is the third installment of the famous Flying Hog Games FPS saga. In the video we can see that it will be a project as brutal as its predecessors with action-packed sequences starring a retractable hook that will serve to move us or use the environment in our favor.

Shadow Warrior 3 is coming to PC sometime in 2021. No other platforms have yet been confirmed for this release.

Fall Guys has a release date

The Devolver Direct was also packed with special guests. The first of them was Shuhei Yoshida, in charge of PlayStation’s indies division. The creative spoke via video call to present a Fall Guys segment.

Through a new trailer, we got to see a bit of the crazy multiplayer action that Fall Guys will offer. That’s not all, since it was also confirmed that this project will be available from August 4 on PlayStation 4 and PC.

You can watch the new Fall Guys trailer below:

CARRION has a release date and will arrive on Xbox Game Pass

Shuhei Yoshida was not the only guest to be present at the Devolver Direct. What happens is that Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, took time to appear on the broadcast and present a new trailer for CARRION, the indie in which you will control a monster that crushes humanity.

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On video, Devolver Digital announced that CARRION already has a release date. According to the distributor, this project will be available from July 23 on Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. It is worth mentioning that from that day on it will be available on Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription service.

Surprise! Olija is now available on Nintendo Switch and Steam

After a long joke about the mythical uncle who works at Nintendo, Devolver Digital decided to share a news that surprised many: Olija, a new project by Skeleton Crew, is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

Olija is a game in which a man is trapped in a mysterious land and has to work with other castaways in order to return home. The game has a retro look and is played as a side scrolling adventure with platforms, puzzles and fighting.

You can see their new trailer below:

New trailer for Serious Sam 4

Do you want action? Then you’ll be happy to know that he was also present at the Devolver Digital event. What happens is that the distributor shared a new trailer for Serious Sam 4, the next installment in the legendary FPS franchise.

The video that Devolver Digital shared showed us several seconds of the rampant action of Serious Sam 4. There we could see several of the weapons that we will have in this installment, as well as take a look at the powerful enemies that we will have to defeat with gunshots and explosions.

Serious Sam 4 is coming to PC and STADIA sometime in August. You can see his new trailer below:

Do you miss E3? Devolver Digital launched an FPS that will take you to the event

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), E3 2020 had to be canceled and the community was left without the possibility of going to the Los Angeles Convention Center to stand in long lines, rub shoulders with sweaty humans, spend hours with hunger and try next releases. So that no one misses that experience, Devolver Digital launched an FPS that will transport you to the event.

We are talking about DevolverLand Expo, a PC game that is already available on Steam. The project that Devolver Digital describes as a “first-person marketing simulator” will take you to an abandoned convention center. This after the Devolver Digital expo was mysteriously canceled.

In that place we will find mysteries, strange creatures, as well as a lot of advertising and merchandise. The good news is that we will have a weapon that will help us defend ourselves against anything that could put us in danger.