Devolo Mesh WiFi 2: WiFi in your home at full speed and without coverage ‘shadows’

With these new kits, unstable WiFi connections are a thing of the past thanks to the innovative combination of mesh WiFi and technology.

The new Devolo Mesh WiFi 2 product line brings the most advanced WiFi technology into the home, while keeping unstable connections out of the game. The user experience is simple: once plugged in, the adapters connect automatically through automatic pairing and instantly turn any outlet into an Internet access point.

Two or three adapters

The new Devolo Mesh WiFi 2 kits consist of two or three WiFi mesh adapters (called Starter Kit and Multiroom Kit, respectively) that provide complete network coverage throughout the home. Therefore, the router’s WiFi feature can (and, according to the company) should be turned off forever. On most routers, this can be done by simply pressing a button. Older router users will mainly benefit from this, since to take advantage of the latest mesh features they will not have to replace their current device with a new and expensive one. Instead, the Mesh WiFi 2 system handles all wireless data transmission, giving the home network a major upgrade. The tri-band system transmits in the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands and also uses (currently the fastest Powerline standard) as the backbone, for stable data transfer over the home electrical network.


In addition, the wireless home network is highly secure thanks to WPA3. The current WiFi Alliance security standard is based on the WPA2 protocol and, thanks to enhanced 128-bit encryption, offers strong protection against unwanted access. This requires that the WiFi clients support WPA3 encryption. For all other end devices, WPA2 protection is still available.

WiFi mesh with autopilot: Access Point Steering

Mesh WiFi 2 represents a networked WiFi environment with intelligent control. The Devolo system guides the end devices to the access points with the best possible connection for the specific device (Access Point Steering). Playback of videos streamed online is always stable and video calls do not interrupt, even while walking from room to room.

We explain it in another way. Why does conventional WiFi work so badly when you move around your house, for example, from the living room to the kitchen? This is because end devices often remain connected to a single access point, which quickly becomes a problem with smartphones, tablets, or laptops (“sticky clients”). In contrast, Devolo’s smart WiFi network uses Access Point Steering to automatically switch end devices to the specific WiFi access point with the strongest signal, thus ensuring that the connection is always optimized.

Fast roaming

End devices can change access points faster thanks to Fast Roaming (Client Steering) technology. Thanks to the beamforming, Devolo access points can transmit data to end devices with greater precision, thus optimizing the quality of the connection. Another function called Band Steering acts, in a way, like a devolo Mesh WiFi series air traffic controller. It ensures that receivers always use the optimal frequency band. When the 2.4 GHz band becomes too saturated with traffic, the system automatically switches to the 5 GHz band, without the user having to do anything. The Mesh package is completed with Airtime Fairness. This provides even more support for network performance by fairly allocating the maximum connection time that is available to be used by all end devices.


Thanks to “multi-user, multi-input, multi-output” (MU-MIMO) technology, multiple end devices simultaneously receive optimal WiFi connections. MU-MIMO means multiple activities at the same time. You can stream your favorite TV series in the living room in smooth 8K resolution, while your kids top the online highscore list in their favorite video game, while that all-important home office video conference goes on without a single interruption.

Installation and configuration within everyone’s reach

The Devolo Home Network app is available for free for iOS and Android. It guides the user step-by-step through the setup process and, after initial start-up, makes managing the home network child’s play. This makes the latest technology fully accessible, even for users who have little or no experience with network technology.

Pricing and availability

Devolo Mesh WiFi 2 is now available in two options. Starter Kit contains two adapters at a price of 249.90 euros. For the coverage of larger spaces, the Devolo Mesh WiFi 2 Multiroom Kit offers three adapters at a price of 369.90 euros. The devices are fully compatible with devolo Magic series products and with all routers. Devolo offers a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty on all products.