Whatever happens in the final classification, the feat of Phoenix suns in this Orlando NBA bubble it can be a true turning point for the Arizona franchise. This is what emerges from the opinions of experts, fans and the players themselves of a team called to build an important project in the future. It seems that the timeframe for this is clearly getting shorter, with a 7-0 win-loss record since the competition was resumed. Above all, the memorable performances of a Devin Booker showing your ambition to keep growing.

« These types of games are the ones I have wanted to play for a long time. I feel the energy that my teammates transmit to me and their confidence, I have tremendous enthusiasm to do well and I am looking forward to playing every game. There are things that we cannot control. and we are left out, that’s life, but we will leave knowing that we have done our best, « reflected a player who will really want to play the playoffs for the first time in his career, something for which they need to win their last game against Dallas Mavericks and wait for the defeat of Portland Trail Blazers, Memphis Grizzlies or both. « Whatever happens, this success will help us in the future and will be the prelude to what lies ahead for this franchise, » he said on ESPN.

One of the great architects of this good performance is the coach, Monty williams, which also left interesting reflections. « We are seeing what this team is capable of. No one would have imagined before the competition resumed that we would be in a position to get among the best, but the boys are playing as they should in a situation like this, being generous and tough. This challenge It is a way of approaching what we are called in the future, whatever the outcome, « said the Phoenix Suns coach, very aware of all possible combinations in the fight for the Western Conference play-in.

08/12/2020 08:08

Four teams fighting for the last playoff spot in the Western Conference that would entitle them to play against the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round

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