developers show part of the new map that we will see soon

A new map for Among Us was announced out of the blue yesterday and here we present everything we know so far.

Among Us has already become one of the most popular games of all time, getting to have a popularity spike this year that nobody really expected.

So much so that something has been achieved that nobody saw coming either: a couple of nominations within this year’s Game Awards. One nomination for Best Mobile Game and one for Best Multiplayer Game.

A great and pleasant surprise

After this game was nominated for both categories within the Game Awards, the developer of Among Us posted on Twitter an extra surprise that all fans started to go crazy: a screenshot of a new map that we will be able to see soon within the game.

This new map has all the earmarks of being a type of ship, even the crew members wear uniforms that make it look like that. But surely It will not be just any ship, but it could be a type of space ship or a combat ship.

Here we can already see a ventilation slit through which impostors can enter this room, in addition to having a command panel in the center of the room, which could be linked to a task, but we cannot be sure yet.

In addition, the ship has a protective glass on the back, a few extra panels out there and a WiFi device.

No more information about this was released, but according to the same developers, the new map will be able to be seen again during the Game Awards, on December 10 of this year, so we will have to be patient and see what more surprises await us at The Game Awards 2020 for Among Us and other games.

Sincerely, we are already very eager to get our hands on this game.