Jonathan Jacques-Bellette and Isago ISA Fukuda have collaborated to carry it out.

A cyberpunk RPG is on the way following in the wake of others like Ghostrunner, the new Disjunction will plunge the player into theretro-futuristic underworldfrom New York City to solve a much bigger mystery than it seems at first. Withcertain stealth mechanicsconsequences indecision makingand the ability to adapt gameplay to different styles, this title from Ape Tribe and Sold Out has just revealeda new image and logoby the art director of Deus Ex.

Jonathan Jacques-Bellette, in collaboration with the video game illustratorIsago ‘ISA’ Fukuda, have shaped the aesthetics of the first visual display of Disjunction with nuances reminiscent of the title of Eidos, following the cyberpunk and neo noir aesthetic so characteristic: “DisjunctionExplore topics similar to Deus Ex, so I was excited to provide a new art direction for the game’s art and key logo. “

It explores themes similar to Deus Exx so I was excited to provide a new artistic direction Jonathan Jacques-BelletteFor his part, Fukada added that: “Working with JJB has been an honor. I have always admired his work, so collaborating with him on DisjunctionIt has been very exciting. I hope the players enjoy the art we’ve created together. “A praise that adds to that of Ape Tribe co-founder Erwan Lecun:” The opportunity to collaborate with Jonathan reallyit has been a dream come true

Disjunction will launch forNintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PCat some point to be determined from 2020, but it can already be tested in a demo through Steam. A frantic story awaits you withthree playable charactersand a mystery to change the destiny of the city, usingan arsenal of advanced gadgetsand weapons to avoid detection or end those who stand in your way.

Disjunction's picture

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