MEXICO – Amid the shadows of the night and through the glass, Emilio Vázquez transmitted courage and strength to his mother.

“More than anything, how are you? How do you feel? Give him peace of mind, support,” says Vázquez.

The 87-year-old woman is one of the elderly women who got COVID-19 in the retirement home where she lives and where ambulances arrive at all hours to transport those who are most delicate.

“Having such an outbreak, mortality is very high, over 70-80% of people may die, that’s why we are very concerned,” says Manuel de la O, secretary of Health of Nuevo León.

Officially, it has been confirmed that at least 50 people were infected at the “Luis Elizondo” retirement home, in the state of Nuevo León: three are from the staff and the rest are older adults.

At least twenty people broke into an Ecatepec hospital to find out information about the health of their relatives admitted by COVID-19.

“Last Saturday was when we started to notice symptoms of fever in a patient, a few hours later; another, by Monday we already had 10 grandparents with temperatures,” says Fernando Cindreau, a doctor at the asylum.

Elías González’s father is also among them and he is extremely worried, since despite the fact that he has not had symptoms so far, he is 80 years old and hypertensive.

“If he answers me, he says he doesn’t know anything, he’s in his room,” says González.

Even the private facilities, the relatives arrive desperate to ask for reports and to try to take their old people, but the doctors have indicated to them that everyone must comply with the quarantine and be under strict medical surveillance.

In different streets of Mexico City they exchange handicrafts they make for food.

A similar scene is also lived in Villahermosa, Tabasco, where it has been confirmed that at least 10 old men and 9 workers in a retirement home were infected with this virus.

In the residence “Casa del Arbol” an area has been set up for the sick to recover. The most delicate are hospitalized and so far, at least one patient has died.