Caracas Venezuela.

Luke Denman, one of the two americans detained in Venezuela for a frustrated maritime attack he said Wednesday that he had orders to take the airport control Close to Caracas to send the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, to the United States.

“I had to make sure I took the airport control so that we could make a safe transfer of Mature until the airplane”, He said American which, he assured, entered the United States Armed Forces in 2006 and specialized in infiltration and tactical work.

Denman’s statements were presented by Mature during a press conference that offers from Miraflores presidential palace, in Caracas, together with ministers and the military high command, and in which ambassadors and journalists participate by videoconference.

The American explained that his part of plan, qualified by the Venezuelan government like a thwarted invasion, was to establish a “own security”, communicate with airport towers that serves Caracas, and “do enter the planes. “

“One (of those planes) was for take Maduro and bring it up United States“he said during this questionnaire, which includes more than 30 questions, and that it was filmed and broadcast in public media.

Among their responses, Denman ensures that he worked alongside Jordan Goudreau, representative of the US contractor Silvercorp, in these plans, while claiming to have entered Venezuela jalong with two other of his countrymen, although so far there are only two North Americans detainees: he and Airan Berry.

To the question of who commands Goudreau, Denman answers: “President Donald Trump”.

Mature considered it impossible for Governments of the United States and Colombia try to distance themselves from these events because, he said, numerous tests link them to this attack that occurred between Sunday and Monday on the coasts of the La Guaira and Aragua states.

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Also, in the video Denman shows a contract in which, he assured, his purpose of expel Maduro from Venezuela andSo much so that the document would be signed by Goudreau, the Venezuelan political adviser Juan José Rendón and by the opposition leader Juan Guaidó, whom the US and 50 other countries recognize as president.

The response of the Venezuelan Executive to deter this “attempted assassination” so far it has left eight involved dead and at least 19 detained, after this Wednesday four new captures were reported. EFE