Bravely Default II It will take us to a new world and it will have totally new characters, as we have been able to know recently thanks to an interview published by the Japanese magazine Famitsu. However, in that publication there was still some more details about how this game will be, and it’s now thanks to the english-speaking portal Nintendo Everything that we can know a translation of them. Attentive to the following lines to learn more about what awaits us in this new title designed so that both connoisseurs of the saga and new players who decide to get a copy can enjoy it!

More details about what awaits us in Bravely Default II

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It goes back to the roots of the saga. It is hinted that Octopath traveler was the result of having reflected on what was created in Second, and from there it has evolved to reach this new installment. A subtitle has not been included in the name because no spoilers are wanted, this installment will feature older protagonists and a more mature story, since Elvis is 35 years old and the rest of the group is around 20, unlike previous installments. This is mainly due to the age of the general public as most of the players in Team Asano titles are in their 30s. Far East Amusement REsearch (FEAR) and Creek an River have collaborated to create the code. New dubbing (Japanese) and character expressions for dialogue scenes; but the lip movement has also been adjusted to fit both the English and Japanese dubbing. The character designer is the same as the Octopath traveler, and he has also designed all the works as he was looking for meaning. of unity in their designs. On this occasion, a modern approach has been chosen for the different works, and it is also confirmed that there will be new ones.As already seen in the demo, this time the characters perform the movements as soon as the players give the order, unlike In previous titles, where you had to give the 4 orders before they started to run. In regards to online functions, developers are not closed to creating them, but what they do confirm is that there will be something. To create cities, players wanted to give the impression of walking in a box, and finally this style that resembles paper models has been created. The same happens with monsters. The number of melodies is greater than that of previous titles. They have also been optimistic about the possibility of creating a second demo of Bravely Default II that allows the data to be transferred to the full version of the game, as already happened with Octopath Traveler.