Details new NBA season competition similar to Cup

The NBA remains open to innovations and Adam Silver He is willing to seek innovative forms of competition that will attract more fan attention during the long regular season. And it is that 82 games are many and the commissioner is clear that the follow-up of the league is much lower than they would like for a few months, so he has several ideas to develop a competition in the middle of the season. The original idea was an event very similar to the Spanish Copa del Rey, which would be played on the dates of the All Star, but now a new concept arises to be discussed at the Competition Commission, as it is something similar to the Commissioner’s Cup that has already been disputed this year in the WNBA. What is clear is that the objective is to incentivize the protagonists with financial gains, establishing a prize of 1 million dollars for each player on the winning team.

The approach already implemented in the WNBA has been a parallel event to the regular league, in which the first match played as a visitor and the first played at home, against rivals, are taken into account for classification. of the Division in which each franchise is framed. Those who register the best percentage of victories in each Conference, would be measured in a final. This would be a great idea since it would not increase the number of games played, and would give some of them much greater relevance and media attention. Individual prize money for each player might be important to the NBA’s lower and middle class, but they wouldn’t be the driving force behind this event, as every game would be important at the qualifying level, regardless of money. This option is much more popular than a kind of European Cup.

The NBA sets the goal of reducing the duration of games and proposes an innovative measure

In addition to this, the need to reduce the duration of the matches, which lasted last year with constant referee reviews in the last 2 minutes, was also discussed in the Commission. Thus, the idea is that the plays in which there are doubts about who was the last to touch the ball, can only be reviewed if the coach of a team requests it through a Challenge. It should be remembered that right now they have one per party and it could be expanded to two to cover this measure.

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