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Digital Foundry uncovers some cool points about the remake’s performance and atmosphere.

By Mario Gómez / Updated November 17, 2020, 21: 3488 comments

The Demon’s Souls remake for PlayStation 5 is a very special game for several reasons. It is the game that established FromSoftware as one of the undisputed kings of modern action RPGs, it is one of the most loved games in the entire PS3 catalog, it runs under the talented team of Bluepoint and we can validate it as one of the throwing games most powerful ever. We’ve already seen quite a bit of production material through promotional gameplays, but now that it has reached the public, we can go a bit further.

On YouTube, Digital Foundry experts share their analysis of the game, focused of course on technical section. Probably the most informative point of the whole video is the one that talks about its configurable modes: graphics or performance. The first, as we already knew, closes the game in native 4K and rocky 30 FPS. The second uses dynamic 4K – that is, reducing the pixel count to render the image at a higher frame rate per second – and 60 FPS which also feels rocky during the action, but with some slight drops immediately after recovering from the times. loading.

What will not take you by surprise is to know that the graphical priority mode, unlike its counterpart, also uses a technique of tessellated to give relief to some textures of the floor and the wall. It is a layer of depth that you should not overlook, especially if you take into account that this three-dimensionality is also affected by shadows. Other details, such as the physics of corpses, broken wood, or even footsteps in the water, have been revised to behave more realistically.

World 2 has a very different aesthetic than the original.World 2 has a very different aesthetic than the original.

Settings: 4K native by dynamics, with and without tessellation, 30 FPS by 60 FPS Doing direct comparisons With the original 2009 release, journeys from the Nexus to the tombstone worlds are determined to have dropped from 24 seconds to just 3 seconds, also using a wall of fog as a transient screen so as not to interrupt the player’s immersion. In addition, it takes considerably less time to regain control of the character after death (although it is not clear exactly how long).

On the other hand, and this is a point that perhaps we have not talked about enough in the press, there is the artistic treatment of the game, and it is that beyond the level of detail in the objects the models of weapons, armor and characters have also been changed; as well as buildings. The illumination It is another very important point because our protagonist now only lights the space in front of him with his lamp, so what we leave behind is obscured; and if you advance the video to minute 7:12 you will see how some scenarios simply have a very different personality.

Demon’s Souls is already available on PS5 in some regions, but in countries like Spain it will not be possible to get hold of Sony’s new generation console until Thursday, November 19 (just a couple of days from the publication of these lines). In 3DJuegos we already have one, and we have been able to tell you how this new experience is in the analysis of PS5.

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