+ DETAILS | 5 Venezuelans would be missing after a building collapse in Miami Beach

At least 5 Venezuelans would be missing after the collapse of the north-west wing of a building in Surfside, Miami, at dawn this Thursday that killed one person and left multiple injuries in an area inhabited mostly by the Argentine community.

The information was known by journalist Shirley Varnagy who reported through Twitter: “At least 5 Venezuelans lived in the condominium, their whereabouts are unknown.” Both the police and the fire brigade are engaged in rescue work and the removal of debris to total the number of victims affected to be identified.

Two other people of Argentine nationality are missing, confirmed the Foreign Ministry of that country.

For her part, the mayor of Miami Dade County, Daniella Levine Cava, confirmed this morning that 35 people were rescued and detailed from the scene of the incident: “What we know is that half of a 12-story building collapsed It has 144 units and rescue teams are working. We are trying to identify some people and also to rescue those who may still be trapped. “

Likewise, the spokeswoman for the Miami fire department, Erica Beníte, said that around 45 departments collapsed and that about 100 people lived among them. “In the area that collapsed we have 10 injured people, two of them transferred to the hospital, and a total of 35 people who were inside have already been rescued.”

And he added: “We do not have the total number of missing persons, so we request that those who cannot communicate with their families inform us.”

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