Destroyer Inoue slams Dasmarinas in three rounds

Naoya inoue He looked against Jason Moloney, but not like he’s used to. The Australian gave battle and attracted attention, something unusual when the ‘Monster’ is in action. Waiting for the big posters, the Japanese claimed the official IBF contender, Michael Dasmarinas. The destroyer returned. He struck him down in 8 minutes and 45 seconds and it could have been earlier, since in the second round he ‘slit’ him with one hand down. The Filipino showed toughness and heart, but when you meet a fighter like that the difference is enormous. With this triumph, Inoue retains WBA and IBF rooster world championships and look to the future with hope, and the great news was before.

John Riel Casimero, WBO champion, was scheduled to face Guillermo Rigondeaux, WBA Regular champion (interim) on August 14, but the Filipino will meet his compatriot Nonito Donarie, who lifted the WBC title in the category on May 29 (Rigondeaux will be relocated in the evening, as this new lawsuit sells more). Therefore, a single fighter will keep two belts … and the other two are Inoue’s. The equation is clear and the Japanese was crystal clear: “Of course I would like to face the winner of Nonito vs Casimero“, he snapped. And he didn’t stop there:”I prefer a rematch against DonarieHis first fight, in which he won the World Boxing Super Series, will be remembered for years and he wants a sequel.

Undoubtedly everything revolves around that possibility, but first we will have to look at the offices. What will Rigondeaux have accepted to step aside? It’s time to wait, the one who didn’t want to do it was Inoue. In his fight this Saturday he gave a recital. He rang the bell and was already on Dasmarinas, who could do little. In the first round the Filipino did not touch him and in the second, Inoue ‘slit’ him with one hand to the liver area. There were a few seconds left and the candidate held out, but the champion could not be nervous. ANDHe was fast, accurate (65% correct) and he knew the KO was coming. In the next round, with another hand down he sent his opponent to the ground. It was redone when the count was at nine. Inoue walked calmly, but determined, stuck her hand in the same place and put an end to the show. It is a ‘Monster’, there are no more turns. He traveled to Las Vegas, swept and now it’s time to wait. Nonito or Casimero, that one wants to be your only question.

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