‘Destiny: The Winx Saga’, Season 2: Everything We Know

The magical fairies of ‘Destiny: The Winx Saga‘They will return in a second season on Netflix, and this is all we know about its release date, synopsis, cast …’ Destiny: The Winx saga ‘: The differences between the animated series and the Netflix series.

Yes, the magical fairies of ‘Destiny: The Winx Saga’ They will return for a second season, as confirmed by Netflix, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds after that intense finale. The series has been a success on the streaming platform thanks to his mix of fantastic ‘Young Adult’, in the purest style of Harry Potter or ‘Vampire Academy.

Based on the iconic animated series created by Iginio straffi, this series has built its own story: we follow Bloom (Abigail cowen), a young woman who discovers that she has the power to generate fire and is accepted into the Alfea academy, a study center in a magical world whose existence is secret to mortals. There she will not only learn to master her powers, but also find the truth about her past and meet some friends for life: Aisha (Precious Mustapha), who controls the water, Musa (Elisha applebaum), who can read the emotions of others, Terra (Eliot salt), who works with the earthly elements, and Stella (Hannah van der Westhuysen), which is capable of generating light.

As Cowan said on Buzzfeed:

“It’s crazy to see people respond so, so well to something that you dedicated so much to and it is a project that is so close to your heart. Before the premiere it is something stressful, then when it comes out and you have this kind of response, it is a really wonderful feeling “

Now it’s time to think about the second season of ‘Destiny: The Winx saga’. How will the story continue after the ‘cliffhanger’ with which the first season ended? When will it premiere on Netflix? Who will return and who will not cast? What do the first official images look like? All that and more in this constantly updated topic.

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‘Destiny: The Winx Saga’, Season 2: Release Date

There was no doubt, at least at the narrative level, that ‘Destiny: The Winx Saga’ was going to have a second season. It would have been very cruel for the fans not to. And Netflix did not take long to confirm it, also extending the duration of the next season: according to Variety, there will be two episodes over an hour. In other words, season 2 will consist of eight episodes, eight new hours to explore the characters we already know and the problems that have been presented to them.

The question now is: when will this sequel arrive on Netflix? Everything indicates that we will have to wait until 2022. Hopefully, it will follow the usual platform model and will be at the beginning of the year, coinciding with the premiere dates of the first season.

‘Destiny: The Winx Saga’, Season 2: The Cast

“The six episodes of the first season only skimmed the surface of this incredibly rich world and the powerful fairies that inhabit it. As Bloom’s story continues to evolve, I can’t wait for fans to learn more about Aisha, Stella! , Terra and Musa! And you never know who will be performing at Alfea next quarter … “, he said Brian Young, showrunner of the series, in a statement.

It is clear who we have to wait for in the cast of the second season of ‘Fate: The Winx saga’: Abigail cowen like Bloom, Precious Mustapha like Aisha, Elisha applebaum as Musa, Eliot salt like Terra, and Hannah van der Westhuysen like Stella. In addition to the protagonists, we await the return of other students of the Alfea academy, such as Sky (Danny griffin), Sam (Jacob Dudman), Riven (Freddie thorp), Beatrix (Sadie Soverall) and Dane (Theo Graham).

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We will also see back to the adults of the story, such as Saúl Silva (Rob James-Collier), Harvey (Alex MacQueen) already the bad? of history, the reborn Rosalind (Lesley Sharp), as well as Andreas (Ken duken), Sky’s father who was believed dead and has now reappeared. The one we don’t expect, although we never rule anything out, is director Farrah Dowling (Eve Best), who was killed in the final episode of the first season. Will it give us any surprises?

Among the new faces there is a surprise: Flora is back! The character, one of the main characters of the beloved animated series and known as the Latin fairy, was traded in the Netflix series for Terra. Following accusations of ‘whitewashing’ by fans, it seems that they have backed down and the fairy will join the second season played by Paulina Chavez. Along with her are also incorporated Brandon grace as Gray and Eanna Hardwicke as Sebastian, although at the moment there are no more details about his characters and how they fit into the story.

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‘Destiny: The Winx Saga’, Season 2: Synopsis

As we have already said, the story was at a very interesting moment at the end of the first season. Rosalind was freed by Bloom, who did not know the terrible consequences that this would have for the magical world of which she is now a part.. And it is that the story they told may not be entirely true. Now, she is in charge of Alfea, Professor Silva has been arrested for the attempted murder of Andreas, Sky’s father, who was left for dead but is alive and well.

This change of power in Alfea will not be received with submission, of that we are sure. The students, led by the protagonists, will rise up against this new ‘government’, but what will that imply? And who will win this battle? What we know is that Bloom will be keyWell, we still don’t know what’s behind her story, what the truth is about her parents and her past and why Rosalind wanted to test her powers with the Burned Ones. And, as we saw, Bloom is capable of accessing a magic that was thought to be lost, and that is why she has become a fairy to follow very closely.

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There will undoubtedly be a lot to explore in the upcoming season. For example: “I hope, in general, to see the girls get more out of their powers. Maybe even join together to conquer a force. I look forward to seeing Bloom and Sky’s relationship build and progress. For Bloom specifically, I hope it will become more and more the best version of yourself and your confidence. I want to see her as she is, to begin to show herself as she is. And Flora, I want to see Flora! “Cowan said on Buzzfeed.

‘Destiny: The Winx Saga’, Season 2: Official Trailer and Images

At the moment we do not have any official image, but we will be attentive to collect all the news. To make the wait more enjoyable, here is the trailer for the first season:

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