‘Destino Eurovisión’ surprises Blas Cantó with a reunion with his friends from Eurovision Junior 2004

On Saturday February 20, TVE broadcast the gala of ‘Destination Eurovision’, in order for the public to vote between the two candidates to represent Spain in Eurovision 2021 by Blas Cantó: « Memoria » and « Voy a stay « , which was finally the winner. An appointment in which key moments of the artist’s career were reviewed as his time at Eurovision Junior 2004, before the Murcian was surprised by some of his teammates at the time, Alba Gil, Mirela Cabero, Lydia Fairen and Lucía Estrella.

Blas Cantó, surprised in ‘Destination Eurovision when seeing Alba, Mirela, Lydia and Lucía

That edition of Junior Eurovision is especially remembered for the victory of María Isabel with « Before dead than simple », in whose preselection Blas ranked fourth in the final ranking. « It is important to have a team of close people, friends, who already know each other and know how we work. This way it is easier to connect on stage and for the performance to be more precise and exciting, « declared the artist, recalling that experience.

While the Murcian spoke with Tony Aguilar and Julia Varela on the set, Alba, Mirela, Lydia and Lucía were preparing backstage to jump on stage and thus surprise their ex-partner with an emblematic theme of that Junior Eurovision preselection that was held seventeen years ago : « Our friendship ». This song then brought together the 16 contestants, in a group performance, and was interpreted by the four newcomers, in ‘Destino Eurovisión’, whose presence at the gala deeply moved Cantó.

« Nobody imagines what changed our life »

Once the performance was over, Blas ran to the stage to hug his former colleagues, now friends, some of whom were as excited as the Murcian. « For me, what you have done, being here, being together again, remembering everything we lived through, is simply incredible »said the singer, in a choked voice. « The truth is, we managed it that way: we were brothers, we are still together now, » Cantó added, after which he pointed out that « no one imagines what changed our life, what a child can enjoy meeting people who do the same, in the healthiest way.  » « There was no competition, there was nothing but friendship », concluded the Murcian, before expressing his gratitude to the moved guests for having attended the gala.