‘Destination Eurovision’ (6.1%) does not give the grade against the leadership of ‘Saturday deluxe’ (15.2%)

* The data shown below are WITH guests and WITH second residences

Saturday night was difficult for the Spanish preselection of ‘Eurovision 2021’, because he faced a titan who does not give respite in the audiences. ‘Destination Eurovision’ had to settle for a poor 6.1% screen share compared to the good 15.2% that ‘Saturday deluxe’ scored. The Spanish Television gala was the prime time offer with the least following, falling behind all its competition.

Maite Zaldívar in ‘Saturday deluxe’

The second position in the ranking is for the broadcast of « The italian job » (10.8%) on Antena 3, while the green chain of Atresmedia analyzed the political news on ‘laSexta noche’ with the group Taburete on set and managed to sign up a good 7.8%. This information is sufficient for stay ahead of Cuatro with the tape « Replicas » (6.8%).

During the afternoon, as usual, ‘Viva la vida’ remains at the top and its 14.5% helps it not to get off the throne, leading against the deliveries of Antena 3’s ‘Multicine’. In fact, its most watched film reached a 13.3% share, easily surpassing the cinema offer of La 1, where ‘Cine de barrio’ stands out with a 10.9% share.

Antena 3 gets the most watched broadcast of the day

Despite the anticipation around the pre-selection gala and the interviews of ‘Saturday deluxe’, ‘Antena 3 noticias 1’ gets the position of the most viewed space of the day with an 18.9% share and 2,518,000 viewers. Minutes before, the space that stands out on Telecinco during the morning slot is ‘Socialité’, which remains at a good 15.9%.