Despite the controversy, Cavani will play against Paris

In the sights of the English federation for a message deemed racist, Edinson Cavani was defended by his trainer, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The Uruguayan will be in the group on Wednesday evening for his reunion with PSG.

Edinson Cavani went through all the feelings in a few hours. Author of a decisive entry on the Southampton lawn, with an assist and a brace to offer victory to his team, the Uruguayan striker was quickly disillusioned when he learned that he was the subject of an investigation by the English federation. The reason ? In an Instagram story, he used the expression “gracias negrito”, or “thank you little black”.

These words, which were intended for a friend, could earn him several suspension matches. But Ole Gunnar Soslkjaer defended his player. “We spoke, he is very sorry for the mistake he made,” said the Manchester United manager at a press conference. There was no bad intention on his part, it was just a loving way of thanking one of his friends. The FA asked him to explain, he will cooperate, and we will support him. “

“He will have to put that aside against Paris”

Solskjaer blames this on the cultural differences between Uruguay and the UK. “It’s an unfortunate situation, judges the Norwegian. He has just arrived in this country, and in Uruguay they have different habits than us. We want to fight discrimination together. Perhaps players who come from different cultures should be educated on this subject, Edinson will have learned the hard way. “

However, this controversy will not deprive Cavani of his reunion with the Paris Saint Germain, Wednesday evening, in the Champions League. “He’s ready to play,” says Solskjaer. It’s special for him to play for PSG, knowing him I’m sure he will give everything. He is an experienced professional player. He’s going to work on his state of mind to be ready for the game. The affair with FA? He will have to put that aside during the game. Great players know how to ignore this stuff. “

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