Despite showing an alleged protection, YosStop was arrested


Around 9:30 p.m. on June 29, agents of the Investigative Police of the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City arrived at the building where Joseline Hoffman Badui, the well-known youtuber ‘YosStop’, lives.

The PDI agents arrived at Anaxágoras street in the Benito Juárez mayor’s office, they had a search warrant and an arrest warrant, that is, they could enter the house of the influencer.

In seconds they went up to the fourth floor of the building, a woman came out when she knocked on the door and told them she was not there, however when the policemen showed the search warrant, YosStop came out and identified herself with the POIs.

At the beginning, the youtuber told them that they could not detain her because her lawyers had processed an amparo, however, this (if there was one) did not help, the agents showed her the arrest warrant, they read her her rights and They took her to the Santa Martha Acatitla prison.

This Wednesday a hearing is expected before the judge, Joseline Hoffman is accused of possession of child pornography.

The accusation was made by the young Ainara “N” in March 2021, revealed that when she was a minor she was raped by several subjects, the sexual assault was recorded and the video allegedly sheltered and later released by the youtuber today detained.

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