Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier It will always be remembered as one of the greatest rivalries in MMA history.

However, despite Jones’ new arrest, Cormier is unwilling to make firewood from the fallen tree.

‘Bones’ was arrested early Thursday morning for driving in an ethyl state and carrying a firearm in what has been one of a long series of problems that the still Semi-Complete champion has had with the law since 2015.

In conversation with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, Cormier said that despite how he feels about Jones, the UFC you shouldn’t fire him as that would only make things worse.

“I don’t think the UFC should fire Jones. I think if the UFC fired Jones because what, he was 21 when he started there? And he was already a champion at 23. He has been a champion for ten years. And we already talked about when people don’t need anything from you, so I think that expedites it. I think if the UFC fires him, he may be on a path that, you know, one day we may wake up to the news that something very, very bad has happened to this guy. I don’t think the UFC should fire him. I think they have to save him. They have to keep it to help it be better. ”

‘DC’ added that regardless of the rancor he may feel towards Jones, it pains him to see another black athlete with potential to go through what is happening.

“For more than I personally dislike, because I hate him in many ways, right? I think almost everything is wasted talent and potential to be a massive star. But I hate, even more than the disdain I feel for him, to see a young black athlete in that situation. ”

Jones and Cormier faced each other twice between 2015 and 2017.

Ones Bones ’awarded‘ DC ’his first loss as a professional by overcoming it by unanimous ruling on the stellar UFC 182. Jones would be stripped of his belt for the first time by testing positive for cocaine a month before the fight.

The expected rematch would not happen until two years later. In the stellar of UFC 214Jones re-crowned himself as the undisputed champion of the Semi-Complete by finishing Cormier via TKO in the second round. However, the fight was reverted to No Contest and Jones was again stripped after testing positive for turinabol, an anabolic steroid.

Cormier’s 2018 game at Full Weights virtually ended the hope of a third chapter between the two fighters.