Despite its freshness, Ford Mustang customers are getting older

Ford Mustang Mach 1

Do you remember the Mercedes-Benz advertising campaign in which you announced that something was happening within the brand? To give that coup they had the best marketing consultants. The result is known: changed their brand image and repositioned themselves in the premium segment. And I ask you, do you know the reason for this change? Simple: your customers were getting older and needed fresh sap to live.

Well, this is what could happen to the Ford Mustang. The iconic Yankee pony car, despite the fall from grace of its segment, continues to hold out as the best-selling sports car in the world. The problem is that it seems that its customers are not as young as the brand would like it to be. At least that is what one of its leaders would have declared to a media outlet. And you, do you want a Mustang? Do you feel young for it …?

Despite everything, the Ford Mustang remains the best-selling sports car in the world …

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

According statements by Jim Owens, Muscle Car And Trucks, Ford Mustang Marketing Manager…

«The demographic itself is aging» […] “The baby boom generation that fondly remembers the 1960s isn’t getting substantially older, but it’s more about that psychographic personality type, that Mustang type of personality, and that doesn’t depend on age.”

And this is where we have the “excuse” that Ford tells herself not to “worry.” According to those responsible the Mustang is part of a life stage and therefore, not all of them fit in the same way. They explain this “categorization” with the word “psychographic” and define it as the enthusiasm and love for life that makes, although their customers are older, they know how to value all the good that the Mustang offers them.

The Ford Mustang is once again the best-selling sports car in the world

In fact, they explain that, when you are young and you need space a Mustang Mach-E may fit better than a traditional Mustang. Later, when this vital stage passes and you want to drive a car “in capital letters” you take the step and buy it. It remains to be seen if this escalation in the age of Mustang customers is not one of the reasons why the brand decided to extend its life cycle. They may be looking for a solution to rejuvenate you.

What is certain is that you must look for an electrical alternative for your range of mechanics. If they want to bring it closer to a younger audience, the next generation must be more ecological, otherwise it would go against the currents that advocate ecology. Time to time, what there are still a few years to know how the most mythical pony car evolves of all times.

Source – Muscle Cars And Trucks

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