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The Dominican model Amelia Vega It preserves an amazing natural beauty, which earned it to be the winner of the Miss Universe pageant in the 2003 edition.

However, he recently surprised his fans on Instagram, confessing that he does not like taking selfies, and for that reason is that he does not usually share photos of that type.

“I had about 6 months that I did not upload a selfie, so I uploaded 3, although I confess that I am very embarrassed to upload selfies, that’s why I do not post almost”, wrote the ex-beauty queen.

Reactions to this post were immediate, and fans of the Dominican quickly responded with more than 110,000 likes and thousands of comments highlighting her beauty.

“The most beautiful Miss of all”, “Such a beautiful woman, I think this country will not give another beauty like this”, and “But such a beautiful woman, until I just woke up, I give selfies to my followers”, are some of the answers that can be read on Instagram.

Similarly, and as a joke, Amelia commented with the series of images, “And, nothing, I made up to go down to the living room”, referring to the confinement in which millions of people currently remain due to the coronavirus pandemic .

In fact, the model takes the measures recommended by the health authorities very seriously, and a few days ago she shared a video explaining step by step how she cleans her products during this quarantine to avoid contagion.

Vega explained that she has been out of the house for a long time due to confinement, but that there are other ways in which she or her family could get infected.

“If I don’t go outside, the only way for the virus to enter is with what comes into the house. We have not come out, but we are very careful with everything that comes in, because you have to be very conscious and sterilize, “he says in the clip.

Using the phrase “prevention is better than regret”, Amelia detailed the disinfection routine that she performs at home, which consists of 12 steps, in addition to sharing some tips on feeding, and ways to entertain the little ones such as crafts and games.

Vega married in 2011 with the basketball player Al horford, and together they form a beautiful family together with their three children: Ean, Alia and Ava.

In fact, on the social networks of the former Miss Universe, photographs with her family abound more than selfies, such as the session they all took together to welcome the year 2020.

In one of the images, the couple and their three children pose lying on a bed, and in the background there are several blue and silver balloons with the words “Happy New Year”.

“I still do not believe that it is already 2020. ⁣⁣ We wish you that all the longings that you have in your hearts come true if it is to edify your lives. # Felizaño # 2020 #FamilyFirst # PartyOf5 ”, wrote the model next to the post.


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