Despite the criticism, and with modifications in relation to last week’s announcement, the Buenos Aires Government put into effect the resolution that obliges those over 70 to contact the citizen service (number 147) before leaving their houses, notice that it will be valid for 48 hours.

Joint resolution 16 / MJGGC / 20, signed by the Chief of Staff, Felipe Miguel, and by the Minister of Health, Fernán Quirós, establishes in its article 2 that “for the purposes of guaranteeing the knowledge of all the alternatives made available by the City, to avoid that persons of seventy (70) or more years of age unnecessarily leave their domicile or place in the that they are fulfilling the social, preventive and compulsory isolation, establish the need to previously communicate with the citizen service at number 147 ”.

In turn, article 3 notifies that this notice will be valid for 48 hours, although it also details those who are exempt from complying with this regulation: Health Personnel, Security Forces, Armed Forces, migratory activity, national meteorological service , firefighters and air traffic control.

Nor should they give notice to the 147 superior authorities of the national, provincial, municipal and city governments of Buenos Aires, foreign diplomatic and consular personnel accredited to the Argentine government, personnel who work in audiovisual, radio and graphic communication services.

Neither should persons who must receive vaccines in accordance with the established schedule and / or to carry out scheduled medical treatments or who must collect their salary or retirement on the corresponding day according to the established payment schedule.