Despite being vaccinated, Michelle Rodríguez is infected with Covid-19

Rodriguez He wanted his followers to have a conscience and told them that “two weeks ago I was vaccinated and even so I managed to get infected, so we just have to continue taking care of ourselves and others.

Together, the comedian thanked the displays of affection at the news of her possible contagion by participating in the show. “In the productions, the times are being accommodated in favor of everyone. We go out to work, we are exposed and vulnerable, so as long as we have health and empathy we will continue forward.

“Meanwhile, to do what has to be done, Dr. Varela He already has me in treatment and very cuddly. I am also learning from this, valuing and celebrating life, health and empathy even more, “the comedian shared.

True to your custom, Michelle He finished his statement with the following comment: “Positive Covid-19, but positive Bichota, so soon and well I get out of this, I have a little left. Send me surprises, recommend movies and bring me mariachi to my balcony. I send you kisses, from afar , don’t be scared. “

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