Despite Apple restrictions, Google STADIA is coming to iOS devices

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With the rise of cloud gaming use, Google found the opportunity to break into the console business and launched Google STADIA 1 year ago. The platform has continued to evolve since then, but so far it is only available on Android devices due to Apple’s restrictions on bringing an application of this type to the App Store. However, there is good news for iOS users who want to enjoy the service, as today Google confirmed that Google STADIA is on its way to Apple devices.

As you may well know, in previous weeks Microsoft (xCloud) and other companies that offer cloud gaming services, such as Amazon (Luna) and Nvidia (GeForce Now) have struggled to bring their services to iOS due to App policies Store indicate that there can only be applications linked to a title and not one that offers several, such as the aforementioned services, which would make it impossible for them to reach these devices through the App Store.

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Google STADIA will circumvent the restrictions of the App Store

However, companies are already looking for a way to get around these restrictions. Google is one of them, and today, on the first anniversary of Google STADIA, the company confirmed that the service is on its way to iOS. According to information from Polygon, the application is on its way to Apple devices and the first compatibility tests will begin to appear “several weeks” later.

It will be possible for Google STADIA to work on iOS devices since the application will be a web application that will be obtained without the need for the App Store, so it will not be subject to Apple’s policies.

Finally, Google also reported that users who pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 will be able to get a STADIA Premiere Edition bundle, which includes a Google Chromecast Ultra and a STADIA controller to play games on a TV.

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Google STADIA works on PCs, mobiles and televisions in some regions of the world. You can find more news related to him if you visit this page.

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