Deschamps has doubts on the sides

06/25/2021 at 6:38 PM CEST

Roger Payró

These days of rest from games, not work, They’re making Didier Deschamps’ head smoke. The French coach is having more doubts with his team than he had in the last big event, the 2018 World Cup, from which ‘les bleus’ came out with another star on the shield. In part it happens to him for the high level and competitiveness that exists in one of the best national teams in the world and on the other hand there are the problems in the infirmary, something that did not weigh them down in Russia three years ago.

Ousmane Dembélé has taken the cake, with a serious injury that will keep him out for about four months. He was not a starter with Deschamps but he was a valuable booster. Leaving aside the offensive facet, the coach’s main toothache goes through both sides.

Pavard, who took a leap in quality precisely in the last World Cup, saw how in the decisive match against Portugal Koundé ate his toast. Despite not having his best debut in the Eurocup, the Sevilla player fulfilled quite a lot on the right wing. For the duel against Switzerland right now the issue is 50-50.

He has more problems on the left side. Lucas Hernández was substituted at halftime against the Portuguese because he suffered from his knee problems and his replacement, Digne, it barely lasted five minutes before breaking. With the ex of the Barça discarded for the rest of Eurocopa, Kimpembe, Lenglet and even converted Rabiot are the options that Deschamps shuffles if the Bayern does not arrive on Monday.

The latest tests ruled out a serious injury but it is not 100%. Neither did Lemar and Thuram, the last two to give the coach a scare. However, the blow to the ankle of the first and the discomfort in the thigh of the second that they suffered in Thursday’s session will come to nothing and they should have no problem being available against Switzerland. The French expedition arrived in Bucharest this Friday, where the Arena Nationala awaits them in just over 72 hours.

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