Descemer Bueno: Slow River – Music News

Descemer Well in truth it was, is and will always be successful, it never ceases to amaze us, its songs do not bring more than good vibes, it is impossible not to hum the song, or dance them shamelessly when it comes to Descemer, and today we present his most recent single. Are you ready? We tell you all the details here in Music News.

Well, Descemer Bueno premiered “Río Lento” that is the title of his most recent production, and it was launched on digital platforms on April 1, starting the bridge well, and of course, starting April well, now, this song is So good and it has been a success as all his songs usually are, that on YouTube, Descemer Bueno’s song already has more than a million reproductions! How’s it going?

In this production you will see a palette of pink colors, pastel blue, a little lilac, a happy couple, beautiful moments, that magic that we all want in a relationship, when everything is fine, when everything is going great, when love is at hand. Skin flower, when you have that, do not hesitate to take advantage of it, to value it, a saying goes well, “Even if you already have the person, keep taking care of them” because life can take many turns and opportunities with the people we love do not appear many times.

Of course all his audience knows it and it was not long before he made them feel support and love due to his latest material, “Precious song and video. As always, it exceeds my expectations “

“Beautiful song! Today I am celebrating my anniversary and this song has been very very special! I love it”

“This is what we want from you Descemer! It’s super good. ” Congratulations”

Check out the song here and dedicate it to the one you love the most!