Marriage, infidelity, appearance on a reality show, fights, threats, insults. The love triangle formed by Derek Fisher, Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan He had all of that and more, making him one of the NBA’s most seedy and morbid stories in a long time. Everything was broadcasted in detail, the protagonists exposed themselves openly and every NBA lover was aware of an issue that caused maximum hatred between two men who became teammates in the Los Angeles Lakers for two years, between 2010 and 2012 .

Stability in the relationships of many players in the NBA It is not usually the most common, but in the case of Matt Barnes his total absence reaches a higher level. Father of twins with Gloria Govan, they had their wedding scheduled for 2010, they annulled her for a stormy breakup and they returned several times, until they finally married in 2013. Their relationship was not solid, but they got involved in the reality show Miami Wives, where famous couples were interviewed, entering the intimacies of their life together and always seeking controversy. « Our relationship was not strong enough to expose ourselves to that. I don’t blame the show for what happened, but it was able to contribute, » Barnes said in an interview years ago. But what happened?

Matt decided to cut off his relationship with Gloria when the children were very young and both were involved in a tremendous legal battle for their custodian and support. That greatly reduced his performance on the court since he entered depression, while Gloria Govan began a love affair with Derek Fisher. Retired in Oklahoma City Thunder In 2013/2014, the former legendary Lakers guard was married when he started seeing Govan. Barnes learned that he, who was his partner and friend, was dating his wife without knowing it and, to make matters worse, both lived in the house that had bought the marriage.

« I found out one day that I went to pick up the children. She was in the car, she left something connected to her phone and I heard a message from a guy saying that he had a great time with her and wanted to see her again My voice sounded, and I realized it was Derek, « he commented in a word collected by Cheatsheet. The thing got out of hand and Matt went to the house where his ex-wife was with Fisher to attack him. The fight was tremendous and security guards had to intervene. Fisher was a Knicks coach at the time.

The passage of time tempered the situation and now Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan They are a consolidated couple that cares for those most in need. Her involvement in social causes during the coronavirus pandemic has been highlighted, providing food and masks through the restaurant that the woman has in Granada Hills, as reported by BleacherReport. Derek works as a coach on the WNBA team Los Angeles Sparks, both being very active in California society. They had their wedding scheduled for April and decided to postpone it until the health situation is adequate. Matt Barnes He is trying to rebuild his life and has been away from the media focus for some time.