The lower house will seek to cut spending in the face of the economic slowdown caused by the pandemic.

By maintaining that the economic plan presented by the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador It is “congruent”, Mario Delgado, head of the Jucopo in the Chamber of Deputies announced that they will propose to the Ministry of Finance a savings plan to allocate resources in the fight against Covid-19.

In a statement, the legislator and coordinator of the Morena bench added that he will make his proposal in a virtual meeting with the Secretary of the Treasury, Arturo Herrera, this Monday at 1:00 p.m.

Delgado described as “congruent” the plan announced by López Obrador this Sunday in the framework of the first quarterly report of his second year in office.

He celebrated that López Obrador has reiterated that the administration’s focus will be the fight against corruption and the implementation of greater measures of austerity.

The legislator also said that the Chamber of Deputies seeks to increase savings, after last year they reduced spending by around 25 percent.

“Which equates to about 2,500 million pesos of savings; in January of this year we returned 200 million pesos to the Federal Treasury and now we seek to accumulate more resources to allocate them to important items such as health, “he declared through the statement.

Delgado maintained that there is agreement among the rest of the parliamentary leaders to carry out measures of greater austerity.

In the text, Delgado reiterated that Morena’s parliamentary group will insist on the other coordinators on the need to approve reforms that would reduce party financing by 50 percent.

“Today more than ever those excesses, those privileges are very offensive. It must be the health of Mexicans first, “Delgado said, according to the statement.