Deputies scheduled for Thursday debate and vote on reforms to outsourcing

The Political Coordination Board of the Chamber of Deputies agreed on Monday to schedule the discussion and vote in plenary session on Thursday of the opinion of the initiative to reform the outsourcing system, proposed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The above means that the issue must be addressed no later than Wednesday in the Labor and Finance committees for their opinion and vote, and immediately turn it over to the Presidency of the Board of Directors to send it for discussion in a plenary session of the 500 legislators .

However, the progress of the issue among the deputies depends on the agreements that are reached, and the timing, between the negotiators of the Presidency of the Republic with the country’s business leaders.

Ready for any announcement from the federal Executive, the Political Coordination Board -chaired by Moisés Ignacio Mier Velazco- has already scheduled plenary sessions Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and it was said that if necessary, they would meet on Friday.

The parliamentary leaders agreed to propose to the Conference for the Direction and Scheduling of Legislative Work that, in addition to Tuesday and Wednesday, they would hold a third blended session on Thursday, December 3, to address as a first point the opinion regarding the reform on outsourcing, in addition to one that legislates on teleworking.