The deputies before the National Assembly will begin their intersemestral vacations next week. However, the workers of the parliamentary headquarters will be obliged to continue attending the Legislative “normally” because the president, the deputy sanctioned Gustavo Porras, refuses to suspend work during the month that the parliamentary recess will last, despite the that in this institution they continue to report a high contagion of the new Covid-19 coronavirus.

The head of the caucus of the Liberal Constitutionalist Party (PLC), Maximino Rodríguez, told LA PRENSA that the measure had been adopted to “rotate” the workers, sending them on vacation for 8 to 15 days to reduce the number of people exposed to the virus at the Assembly facilities. According to Rodríguez, the meetings of the commissions are also being held virtually, “when so agreed between the member deputies.”

However, three sources from the Assembly unions assured that staff vacations were suspended and Porras advised that in the parliamentary recess, which will be from July 10 to August 10, workers must comply with their working hours. normal work, despite the fact that in this period the deputies stop arriving because they take advantage of it to go on vacation or take partisan efforts.

The President of the Assembly, Gustavo Porras, is sanctioned by the United States and Canada for human rights violations for his participation in the repression of social protests since April 2018.

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Ortega unions sympathize with Porras

More than fifty Legislative workers have been infested with Covid-19 and at least four have died. Among the infected there are about ten deputies from the Sandinista National Liberation Front and two legislators have died, about whom although it was not officially reported that it was due to a coronavirus, they suffered respiratory problems.

Despite the fear that exists among parliamentary staff to catch the Covid-19, the Board of Directors, being controlled by the Ortega majority, resist taking actions to reduce the number of people in that institution, where 699 people work.

The workers have asked the unions to convince Porras to allow staff to go on a parliamentary recess like the 91 deputies, parliamentary sources said.

However, the union related to the Ortega regime, Germán PomaresHe only proposed that only people with chronic illnesses be allowed to go home in the month that lawmakers will be on vacation. Porras has not agreed to meet with the unions yet.

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«There is no vacation for anyone, but all the workers are desperate because every day there are several colleagues who get sick with the virus. During the parliamentary recess there is nothing to do, because the Assembly works according to the deputies, “said a union member who asked not to be summoned for fear of reprisals.

On the agenda there are no pending issues of urgency that merit the deputies to meet, however the head of the PLC bench, Maximimo Rodríguez said that before starting the parliamentary recess, by decision of the Ortega party, the possibility was left open that next week there will be a plenary.

«Porras is a sounding board of (dictator) Daniel Ortega. So if the Executive sends something that needs to be approved, a session will be called, “Rodríguez said.

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